Our Shows

We have arranged our shows for all kinds of audiences. We want people of every age and walks of lives to like our radio. Here are some popular shows we have on our radio.

The Classics

This show is the wonderful way to spend your Sunday evening. You will hear the best classical music. We play sonatas, choral verses, concertos, and more for the inspiring composers in history.

The Gold Travel Show

It is a perfect show to watch if you are planning a vacation. You can also get some ideas about where to go next. Whether home or abroad, you will get excellent travel tips from this popular travel show. It is a must-listen travel show. This show will be on every Saturday afternoon.

The Voices Show

This show is about general people. Our host interviews people on the street about their lives and experiences. You will hear stories of adventures, love, heartbreak, and more. It takes place every Monday at 6 pm.

We Got Your Mail

In this show, we answer questions about various issues. You can ask about the housing market, dealing with stress, political views, and more. We have experts who can answer your queries.

All these shows are very entertaining. Our hosts are confident, smart and highly presentable. They know how to capture the audience. You will love to hear each of our shows.