Keep the Beat Going with These Top 10 Wedding Music Tips

  • Ask for Recommendations

  • Approach your friends and family and ask them for recommendations on what’s best for wedding music. Ask them if what kind of music do DJs and musicians play on any past weddings they have attended.
  • Sound Check

  • Check if the music you want to play at your wedding fits in with the venue. Stringed instruments don’t fit into beach weddings, or the last thing you’ll see is your violinist being carried away by the waves. Also, if your wedding is set into a public place, some noise restrictions may apply.
  • Review

  • Before booking a musician, be mindful to check their work first. A demo CD from them will come in useful, or just let them play live in front of you during hiring. Ensure how many singers and instrumentalist are there so that every money you paid is worth it.
  • Consider About Overtime

  • Some DJs or musicians are sometimes hired for a maximum of 4 hours. If you think that your wedding will last longer than that, consider hiring them for overtime with extra pay.
  • Contract Cues

  • Jot down everything about the band/musicians you’ve hired. This includes the names and contact numbers of your performers. Don’t forget the date of your wedding and the venue, and what hour should they play. Make a deal about the price and how much will it cost if they’ll go overtime.
  • Explore Different Genres

  • Mellow love songs fit perfectly during a wedding dance. However, it doesn’t fit with your cake cutting session or maybe, during the bouquet toss. Make sure that the band can play different genres that can fit with every situation during the wedding.
  • Be in Control

  • It’s your wedding, you have in control of what you want. Let your band/DJ know when you want to play or not to play their music. There are some times where we need some quiet moments, and there are times that we just want to rock out hard on the dance floor.
  • Be Intimate

  • While dancing with your partner, whisper soothing things to each other and keep yourself on the mood of love. Make sure to tell the videographers to stay out of the way when both of you are having the time of your lives. You don’t want to get distracted at the moment when you suddenly see that huge lens in front of your face.
  • Backups are Important
  • If ever hiring a musician is too costly and you opt for playing music on a pre-recorded CD instead, then take time to write down all the track title and their number and let the person in charge of the sound system follow it. This will make things easier to avoid confusion on what to play next.
  • Dress Code

  • Talk to your hired DJ/band what kind of clothes will they wear during your wedding date. You don’t want to let your grandma get a heart attack if the musicians wear something like they’re in a Magic Mike show.

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