Important Audio Tips Every Filmmaker Should Be Aware Of

One of the most challenging part of every filmmaker is probably the audio aspect of their film. In fact, this is one thing that filmmakers had taken for granted that they don’t even realize that it makes up 50% of their film.

This is not the case for bigtime movie makers in Holywood though. But for amateur filmmakers, attention to audio is definitely a must. Believe it or not, the picture quality means nothing if the audio sounds mediocre or something.

So try this test. Close your eyes and open your TV. Grab a home movie and a Holywood movie and listen to its sound. Do you hear a difference? Definitely! And that difference is worlds apart from each other. So how can we make audio quality better when it comes to filming? Continue reading down below.

  1. Location Scouting

  • In order to capture good quality audio, you must understand and know your location first. Before filming, try to sit in the location for a few minutes and observe the sounds you can hear. This enables you to know if it is the perfect location to shoot your film. If it wasn’t, then try finding another one. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as an instant button that can get rid of any sound distractions. So do your research and do some location scouting.
  1. Opt for a shotgun mic

  • To make your life easier when filming, invest in getting a good shotgun mic. Most shotgun mics are designed with being directional in mind. Meaning, it will record everything it captures in front of you, not that loud sound of air conditioning behind you.
  1. A lavaliere mic is a good choice too

  • A lavaliere mic is definitely the ideal choice when you’re interviewing someone while filming. It’s basically a mic that you put on the actor/actresses shirt near their mouths. This mic will pick up even the slightest vibrations coming from the throat of a person. The real challenge here is how to hide the mic so that it won’t be seen while filming.
  1. Headphones

  • Many of you may be wondering, why are headphones important when it comes to filming? First, having headphones ensures that the sound is good. And second, it enables you to hear that every sound is being recorded while filming. By the way, don’t opt for cheap ones. There’s nothing wrong with spending a little amount of cash for a nice pair of headphones.
  1. Background sound recording

  • Lastly, recording background sounds shouldn’t be forgotten. Natural background noises can help fill in any gaps during the editing process. So after filming, tell the whole cast and crew to be quiet for at least 30 seconds and record every natural noise that’s present in the room.

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