Five Essential Tips About Audio Mixing for Films and Video Projects

  1. High-Quality Speakers is Important

  • Consider getting a high-quality speaker for your editing needs. The better the speaker, the more information you can hear. High-quality speakers can emit even the lightest sounds such as small pops, dynamic range, and other nuances that you can’t clearly hear through laptop speakers.
  • Another reason is that you want to know what your film/project sound like in different setups. So listening starting from the lowest quality to the highest levels of quality is definitely important.
  1. Opt for High-Quality Headphones Too

  • If you ask for advice from audio engineers, the first thing they’ll spit out of their mouth is to get high-quality headphones. This is important especially for the budget conscious, where speakers might be too costly for them.
  1. Review on Different Devices

  • If you want to test how your film/project sounds like on different devices, consider reviewing them not just on your laptop, but also on your smartphones, TV, portable media players, and among others. This is a great way to test how your audio sounds in a range of devices.
  1. Focus on What’s Best for You

  • Now that you’re done checking how your audio sounds like in different devices, you then realize that not all of them are equal. It may sound good on your laptop, but not as good on your smartphone. If you can’t make it perfect and equal for other devices, then focus on one that you think is important. Films are usually viewed on a laptop or TV so make these as your medium for your project.
  1. Find a Volume Reference

  • This is a trick most filmmakers use during editing. Volume-reference your project’s audio to the medium you’ve chosen. For example, try matching your audio output to Netflix or YouTube and use it as a reference when you edit your project. This ensures that you get the same quality of sound as the bigger ones.

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