Top 4 tips for setting up internet radio station

Starting up an internet radio station is very simple. Anybody can do it from home. Here are the top tips for setting up internet radio station.

Keep your streaming IP address private

You should never publish the IP addresses for your streams. You should use DNS in links and other places. If you publish your IP address, it may be bookmarked by your listeners. If you later change the location of the stream to another server, the bookmarks won’t work. So, your listeners will think that the radio station has closed.

Be careful about data speed and cost for listeners

You should think about the location and infrastructure of your listeners. There are countries where the audiences may experience slow and high costs of data. The mobile users may want a lower bandwidth stream to save money. You should avoid buffering when the connection is too slow.

Keep track of the listening trends

You should track the number of listeners you get and at what time of the day. You should look for peaks and be careful that you don’t max out your streams. This will turn the listeners away.

Stop using stream scripts

Don’t use stream scripts. Scripts can disrupt the audio. So, your audience will have a bad listening experience. Even if your encoder allows you to send scripts in the stream, you should avoid it.

You shouldn’t forget that you have a global audience. The programs should be designed accordingly. You should keep track of the programs your audiences like and include more such shows in your radio to increase the number of audiences.