3 ways to get radio coverage for your business

Securing radio appearance is an excellent way to get exposure for your small business. But you should know what kind of stories the producers will be interested in covering. Here are some tips to help you.

You should research the program you want to be in

The broadcast producers get many requests every day from businesses. You should do your homework before talking to a producer or sending an email. You should know about the format of the program, the audiences, the kind of stories they run, etc. You should know the name of the producers who will be producing the programs where you intend to go to. Whether you want to be in a prime time news slot or daytime chat show, you should tell the producer what they will see and hear from you.

Timing is very important

It is very important to know the lead times of you want to get broadcast coverage for your small business. If the lead times are shorter, then you can pitch on the day a program is broadcast. But for feature-led programs, the lead time is very long.

Be available

You shouldn’t miss your interview. Many radio programs happen outside the ‘9 to 5’ time frame. So, you should make sure that you are reachable by your mobile in evening and weekends. You should be on time for the show.

You should be proactive in approaching the producers. If you are good at a specific area, you should pick up the phone and tell the producer that you want to be part of a program. Before appearing on a radio program, you should make sure that your website, social media profiles and contact details are up-to-date. You will be getting lots of prospective customers for your business after the radio show. So, you shouldn’t disappoint them.